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Founded in 2007, The Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company is an award-winning theatre company that has been bringing its vision of arts and humanity to the San Bernadino Mountains. In their first 10 years, it produced over 60 plays. It has recently found its second home in Los Angeles, where it continues developing new works written and produced by members of the Company while promoting artists from the Inland Empire

In 2016, LARTC/The Project had its first work, YOU, in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it was rated the #2 show of the Festival by Buzzfeed

and received an Encore Award.

LARTC has won Encore awards in 2017,2018 and 2019 as well for The You Project series.

LARTC has produced 27 films since 2017, which are now in film festivals all over the world and have garnered 19 awards.  

LARTC continues to educate actors and produce plays as well. Sign up for our emails below if interested.


Photos By:

Allison Linder

Matthew Marra

Mike Sheehan

Chuck Marra

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