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an in-your -face play

about  love, life  and gratitude

at the Hollywood FriNge Festival

The Project presents

“YOU” is a 45 minute, one act play,  of interwoven personal stories and songs of gratitude and appreciation.  It’s amazing how so many people, who listen to these stories, feel so good afterwards. 

If someone has ever changed your world by telling you how good you are for them, maybe “YOU” can change the world by saying it out loud.

In a time of texting, tweeting and instagraming, we try to express our feelings with smiley faces, LOL’s, XOXOXOXXOX or heart symbols.

However, we, the actors and artists of  The Project,  recently found out how powerful it is to just sit and listen to someone express how grateful they are to someone.  

The funny thing we found out, is just how universal this is; how hungry we are for it.  So we wrote “YOU”. 

Come spend 45 minutes with us, as we, try to get something off our chest: our thanks.



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