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Giving Back to the Community

As a non-profit LARTC gives back to their community and school district as much as possible. Many of the events are centered around young kids and helping them better themselves. Some of the projects include:

Childrens Theatre

Chuck, Megan, Stephanie Klein, and Jessica Ramirez have created LARTC's Troupe, a live theatre company by kids, for kids. Getting kids out and "unplugged" is a huge deal to LARTC. We believe that young people need to use their imagination, and while electronic entertainment is a wonderful mark of our technology and civilization, there is nothing so thrilling and important as live entertainment. LARTC also tries to provide a safe and nurturing place for kids to go after school that helps stimulate their minds and teach them about future career options so they realize their potential.

Bullying In Real Life

LARTC  participated in a local "Anti-Bullying" Campaign. Going from school to school with LARTC's young actors, they performed monolgues and scenes from real life people and fictitious characters. After performances, LARTC actors and Mary Putnam Henck Middle School students had a chance to talk about their own experiences with being bullied and bullying. Students told how the proram made them look differently on bullying, how they were going to do something about it next time they saw someone being bullied.

Youth Hope

YouthHope is a remarkable organization that helps young people who are living on the streets, find a their way back into society and a more stable fulfilling life. YouthHope asked LARTC to provide actors to portray some of their young people and tell their stories at a fundraiser event.  These fundrasing events are very sucessful and LARTC is committed to helping YouthHope continue doing their very important work. 


Literacy is very important to FMC, and so we worked with LARTC's talented group of actors, costumers and designers to create Princess Caelia,   LARTC's literacy program at the Lake Arrowhead Branch San Bernardino County Library.  It's purpose is to encourage very young children to read. The Elven Princess Caelia would come to the library and pull stories from her magical bag of tales and read them to a group of bright eyed children. After wards the kids would bring her a book they wanted to hear her read and she would read that to them as well. This would happen the first Saturday of every month.

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