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  • by Mackenzie O'Rear


From the first chapter.....

This is the first chapter

The young woman opened her eyes to see that she was now in a strange room. It was dim, but she could faintly make out the padded white walls as well as a single door in the corner of the room. Along that same wall, there appeared to be a mirror. She stood up and observed herself.

Christina Taylor’s fine clothes had been torn to tatters, and her lush hair, once wound tight into a bun, now looked like a bramble of overgrown weeds. Her shoulder had been wounded, but by what she had no idea how, and it didn’t seem to be bleeding horribly. However, those were minute complaints to her current predicament as she finally saw it. Around her neck was a heavy iron ring, that was connected by a thick chain to the wall. Her eyes went wide...

... (Coming October 2018)

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