• Chuck Marra

New Horizons

So here's the thing: The reason we are so over-the-top excited about all the film stuff is that We started this whole thing - shooting footage for our student's reels and … to teach them how to prepare and act on a live set. We also wanted to teach them, show them how to make their own content and how to make it look good.

So then, in addition to using them on their reels, some of our students begin submitting them to film festivals… and they are getting it! At this point, three students have gotten three films into seven film festivals:

The Itty Bitty Committee - written by Todd Gajdusek

Moscow Indie Film Festival

Reel Recover LA

Reel Recover NYC

Directors Circle Festival of Shorts

A Blind Date - written by Angelina Ramirez

2018 Ladies Film Night Out - Arizona

Oggle - written by Victoria Kelemen

International Kids in Film Festival

L.A, International Children’s Film Festival

It really is very thrilling, and kind of encouraging.

We at LARTC wish to thank all the very generous people who donated to LARTC through the GIVE BIG San Bernardino fundraising drive. The money donated will go to purchase new film equipment; the old starter-equipment is breaking down after 25 films.

So now, we begin making films for the festival circuit. New horizons, new bar, new Horizons; wish us luck.


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