• Chuck Marra

The Falling of the Leaves

Every year I promise myself, that I am going to buy the pretties trees that I can find each week in fall, that all Autumn I can enjoy the changing of the leave.

The problem is every October, when the trees are partying in full color, we are usually producing plays and movies. In my head, it’s all always going to be so nicely organized, with plenty of time to both create and relax. So for it has not worked out quite that way, and Megan and I end up performing a kind of search and rescue through the garden store, sifting through the autumn colored trees that nobody in the storm of gardening enthusiasts saw fit to bring home.

As I beat myself up for being a lazy procrastinator, Megan reminds me that we have done quiet a lot though the year which 'comes to harvest' every October, and reminds me that with that wonderful cheery smile of hers that, "October is a very long day".

Last year we to produce began a slate of 18 short films, which actually just started out as a training and teaching devise for your students in the project. We thought that actin ing from t of a camera where the sext was fully tricked out, and the lights were fussed over, and there was a boom mic in your face, in front of a whole crew, would up the stakes for training. There would be no ‘another day’

Looking them over, I think they accomplished exactly what they were supposed to do. Everyone got better under pressure. Everyone had to use the techniques we stalked in class, and everyone got great footage of their reels.

The even bigger lesson that we learned was that when everyone puts in 110% (well let’s face it .. it was more like 150% - everyone took their jobs so seriously they pushed themselves way behind ‘good enough’ and it looks like movies. So much so that Three of them have made it into film festivals all over the country, and even the work. One when to Moscow.

Perhaps it is because each other he students executive produced their own piece, so they owned I, quite literally. But is more that than. , because they demanded their best for all the projects, not just theirs. They turned out better than anyone expected, and it is because of all their dedication and work and drives and passion and creativity, and working to the point way past exhaustion. And we did this for nearly two full months until everyone in the class had a quality piece of film to show themselves off to the industry.

In a world that makes me lose a little faith in humanity every day, These amazing people have managed to restore it

This year, we are doing it again: Toast the Ghost, and more movies. However this time, we are not out only to ‘teach on a set’ or get footage for a reel, we are out to make movies, which means a bit more work getting all the paperwork all set and in order.

So, here we are once again, at the end of October, Megan and I will just have to wander through the garden shop as October winds down, picking from the trees that are left. Oh well, it was worth once again,missing the falling of the leaves,


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