• Chuck Marra

"Where are you guys now?"

So many people still stop me in the local stores here in Lake Arrowhead. and ask, "Where are you guys now? A lot of people have been under the impression that LARTC just stopped. So I thought I should start a blog, and let people know what's going on and what were are doing and planning.

LARTC moved five times in seven years. When it became impossible for us to stay at one location, we moved to another, and another, and another. Quitting was never an option. (It should be noted that this does not make us special, it makes us theater people.) It seemed like nearly every August, we'd have to move the theater to a new location. We'd rebuild the stage, the seats, the lights, and put on another six or seven plays; then move again.

Those of who are addicted to a life in the theater, can't 'just stop'. (Try as we might, its no use.) Sooner or later, you find yourself in a rehearsal, because we're just not happy unless we are doing it.

It's like my addiction to food.  Some plays are light appetizers, Some are quick bites. Some a multi course means.  Some are just plain junk food, but all are necessary for us.  So, for us theater has been a very 'movable feast'.

Eventually, there were no other places for LARTC to move to on our beloved mountain, and we did have to stop, not quit, but stop.

Los Angeles has been very welcoming, so for now, our feast has moved there. We rent various theaters, and put on about four plays a year. However, for a company that was used to putting on somewhere between seven and ten productions a year, we needed more.

Without a stage of our own to perform on, making movies became the answer. For us, making movies is a movable theater; a movable feast, and while there is nothing like working with a live audience, movies are a very fulfilling new adventure.

We still do much of our work out of Lake Arrowhead, but we have found a little space in North Hollywood, which we use teach, rehearse and develop scripts.

In the end, we are a theatre company, and we have to work on a stage and in front of a theater audience. But in the spaces in between those performances. We work for the camera, and we learn and we grow. You can follow our progress by clicking the movie tab on the home page.


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